Career-driven or seaside lovers. Plump or slender. Smooth or stubble beard faces…it simply doesn’t matter: we are men and woman of all ages, races and social backgrounds who decided it was time to REPLANT OUR FUTURE!

We are just a community of ordinary people who study, work, dream of love, having children or pleasing jobs.
Some of us are already grandparents, often full-time grandparents, wanting to build a future full of opportunities for our grandchildren, just as we had when we were their age and the planet was healthier.

For this reasons and for many more we decided to take up one of the biggest challenges of our time:
No, of course we can’t!

Can we be part of a happy ending story?
Yes, of corse we can!

Trees are key to a thriving planet.
The vast destruction of them means that more and more people breath dirty air, struggle for water, and fear economic instability. People suffer because the earth is suffering.

But that can change!
That’s why our mission is to engage EVERYONE – and when we say everyone, we mean ALL OF US – to rewrite the story of the current relationship between Man and Nature.

The time has now come to add some fresh, new chapters to the modern existing ones that have created the degraded planetary health we see today.
Chapters that are more respectful and intelligent!
Chapters that protect our ancient human relationship to the earth’s lungs, its trees.

Having the chance to dream and plan our life, is a right.
Having clean air and water to live a healthy life, is a basic and inalienable human right!

Toward this aim, we joined forces in 2015 to create a non-profit cultural association called
“Trees? Yes Please!”, located in Lugano, Switzerland.

As the air, the forests and the water that keep us alive have no borders, so our work is borderless.
We reach across national boundaries to join with others who are enthusiastic, reliable stewards of our earth and its trees.

We are the problem.
We can be the solution.
Let’s replant our future by planting trees and preserving those which already exist!